Olympic Wrestling Weightlifting Program with David Taylor

wrestling weight lifting workout

Use the app for each workout during the 12 week workout program. Don't use old-school wrestling workout pdfs. Track your real recovery training.
wrestling lifting program like penn state
Example Exercises in 1 Workout

Bands Shoulder Series

Around the World with Ball

Squats Parallel With Dip into Hole

Weighted Pull Ups Forward Grip Thumb Over

Wall Slams

Vertical Ball Slams

Incline Press

Sumo Deadlift

Front Squats

Old School Plate on Flat Bench Forward

Get the edge on your competition

12 Week wrestling program.  The same program Penn State use for their lifting program.
This is the same 12 week program wrestlers like David Taylor, Helen Maroulis, Kyle Snyder and other world Champions use. If you want to be the best, you need to use the best.
wrestling workouts at home


Learning to read your body's performance metrics is easy. But first, unlock your Fuel & Recovery scores in 8 days.
Track your Sleep Recovery after your second night of recordings.  

This will help you know how hard to push each day in the wrestling workout program.

Olympic Wrestling Weightlifting Program for Highschool and collegeFuel and Recovery Monitor


12 week Olympic wrestling weightlifting.  Train to peak in our 90 days workout camp. The perfect high school and College wrestling workout program for in-season training.

Use our Fuel & Recovery Monitor to streamline your workouts to give your body the most performance benefits you can.
Now you can follow along with the hardest Olympic wrestling weightlifting program on the market.  Train to peak in our 12 week program for wrestlers.

Start your "REIGN" today.


$9.99 / month


Recovery Training

We use proprietary recovery algorithms. These algorithm are available for studies, teams and now everyone.
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