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12 Week Combat Camp



"This combat Camp is packed with everything you need to transform you into the 1%."

Free Meal Plan.

Specifically designed Recipes to pack the most nutrition into each Calorie. This isn't one you'll find online with just chicken and Oatmeal. This meal plan uses good food and more importantly highly nutritious foods. Making your next weight cut, easier and healthier than ever.

  • 23 Recipes for Nutrient Packed Meals.

Learn the 4 Pillars of Combat Fitness

  • Pillar 1:  Nitric Oxide Dump
  • Pillar 2: Core & Balance
  • Pillar 3: Speed & Agility
  • Pillar 4: Muscle specific Exercises

Learn how to measure your recovery using the latest science.

Using your daily Heart Rate, you improve your workouts by 33%.  This optimization is one of the secrets of the 1%.

Easy to follow program with free App.

To continue to create and develop the most comprehensive and detailed Performance & Recovery program in the world to not only produce the best prepared athletes in history but to also extend these methods to all people for optimal health and wellness.

We are people helping people!

We believe in optimizing performance through a holistic program that focuses on the physiological and psychological development of an athlete and is paramount to achieving sustained success at the highest level.

his is established via an extensive and comprehensive program of Advanced Performance methods comprised of Metabolic, Biomechanics, and Nutritional profiling created and implement by The Treigning Lab Performance Staff.