Train your Athletes like "Coach Cal"

Now you can use the same 
Fuel & Recovery Monitoring Coach Cal uses in the World Famous Treigning Lab Garage
setting up a treigning lab account to train like coach cal

Install  Treigning Lab

First install and signup for your Treigning Lab Account. 
fuel and recovery monitoring like coach cal
select your trainer code to share athlete fuel and recovery monitoring data

Select Your Trainer Code

This is a code that you can share with people to grant you access to their Fuel & Recovery Monitoring Scores.

In the Settings select "I am a Trainer" to setup your Trainer Code and share via Text with your athletes.
After you setup your Trainer Code you may need to restart your app.
Click on the Chat Icon at anytime to contact support.

Invite Athletes

Enter your athletes phone number and they will receive a text with instructions to share their data with you. You will see them show up on your Athletes Dashboard.
invite athletes to share fuel and recovery data with trainer

Get Started Now

Get connected to your Athletes today.  Monitor their recovery tomorrow.

Time their performance peaks 
from now on.