May 5, 2021

How to do Active Recovery

Hi, I'm coach Cal. This garage mystery train champions in this drama train. You didn't want to talk to you about a very, very important concept and that is called active recovery. You'll see that on the weekend in your program that you are asked to do active recovery after recovery. Exactly what it is, it means you're going to allow your body to recover, but doesn't there suddenly mean that you're going to sit down and do nothing? Recovery is probably the most underrated concept of performance that there is. A lot of us going Cohen, Cohen Cohen till we can't go anymore there take a day off and once we take that day off we're going to recover and feel better. But unless you can fully track the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic system and all the intricacies that will allow you to tell the functionality your body, then you really don't know. And certainly recovering fatigue are not linear concepts. So I ensured that my guys always have one day a week just like you in your program of active recovery and what that means is go for a walk. Nothing hard, nothing that's too strenuous. Walk with the family. Go ice skating medical roller skating, a pickup basketball game. Something like that maybe go swim at the beach, whatever it is, but to stay active. Not training. But active and what they'll do is they'll keep your body moving. It will keep the neurotransmitters fire and keep the new recruitment and muscle recruitment moving forward. They say that a body that is sedentary or at rest stays at rest, and that is very, very true. All the latest studies show that if your body is sedentary for an hour. During the day, then actually begins to shift gears and move to a sedentary lifestyle or basically slow things down, including metabolism and everything else that goes along your body. So we certainly don't want that one performance, so you know what lobes endurance is. 1 concept part of the program, but active recovery is another. They're not the same, but they're both very, very important. Have fun with it and figure out what works best for you. I'm coach cow. Here's the garage I train champions. I'm here to train you. Make sure you can be the best that you can be every day and I hope you have a great day.

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