May 5, 2021

How to do Old School Plate on Flat Bench Forward

Going. OK, this exercise is called old school Neckplate forward. This is primarily for the stability of the neck. The trapezius rhomboids everything. Tie in there that you see on David Taylor. That looks real good. So first thing I do is going to take off your hat and then take a rag. Doesn't really matter what kind of rag that it is and you're going to put it on a plate. This here is a 10 kilogram plate. You might use one that's a little heavier or lighter. You put it. Zapping your forehead. And you put your shoulders right to the edge of the bench, and now simply release count 123, then raise one to three. And back down, don't lift with the hands. The freaking neck 2/3. East centric contraction. At folks tension. Even controlled at the top. In that. Is old school. Play next.

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