Reading Fuel & Recovery Scores

Learn how Coach Cal interprets daily Fuel & Recovery readings with this real world example. 

RHR, lower is better. Mental stress can cause this number to go up, from day to day, take that into account. 

Recovery higher is better.  It can be positive or negative.  A large positive number shows your body is ready for the next level of training. 

Fuel can be viewed like gasoline for your engine. If you have less gas, do not go fast for long periods. (that is overtraining)
Explanation of Fuel & Recovery results
This is a Sample Athlete's Thursday reading:


50.5 for the Thursday is the lowest of the week. That's a good sign.


46.1% is a positive recovery from yesterday. Another good sign.


Fuel is low, Thursday. 
What should be done?
The engine is tuned, but fuel is low.  Mix in Active Recovery. Keep high-intensity training minimal.  

Like a car, if you press your gas hard: you will run out of fuel quickly. After your Fuel is gone, you will start overtraining, so be careful.  

In this real world example:  Coach Cal suggests keeping the workout to under an hour with warmup. Take out planned High-intensity training and replace it with some rehab exercises, for known weakness.  Running out of Fuel during the workout should be obvious.

PROVEN Results

The next day we see results from the body's response to this progressive training adjustment.
Another explanation of Fuel & Recovery results


56.1 RHR is up, but did not reach the high's from the middle of the week.  Physiological adaptation has occurred. Your RHR average will continue to trend down as you train, until you reach your peak performance.


165.5% recovery is off the charts! Your body is now primed and running at a much higher level. You will be able to time your recovery as you continue to train.


You have a full tank of Fuel now. This is the perfect day for your body to have a killer workout or a championship match. You are now in full control of your body, no gimmicks, no tricks, just raw control.


Remember everyone is different. Your numbers will vary. But as you follow your readings you will begin to see the same patterns in these three numbers:  RHR, Recovery and Fuel.  

Coach Cal uses these scores to train Olympians, Wrestlers, UFC/Bellator fighters, NFL Athletes, Navy Seals and Executives from around the world.