Congrats to David Taylor

David Taylor won the Gold Medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics against Rio 2016 gold medallist Hassan Yazdani.

Olympic Wrestling Program with David Taylor

This is a workout program optimized by and designed for olympic wrestlers. It was used by David Taylor to become a Wrestler in the 2021 Olympic Games which will be hosted in Tokyo, starting Friday, July 23, 2021. 
David Taylor progressive workout program


Not your dad's bro workout.


Active Recovery workouts for the win!


Full control over your training.

3 Phase Weightlifting program

Our Programs are grueling. The exercises aren't fancy or cool. They are meant for real grinding and real results.

72 Different workouts

We time exercise movements with the conditioning of Olympic Wrestlers. 
David Taylor Olympic Wrestling Weightlifting program
Sam Calavitta
"This is a training program that is not fancy. It's for those who want to grind. Those who want to work hard and become the best they can possibly be. It's not for Beginners. It is for Future World Champions."

Sam Calavitta

Mathematician & Trainer

David Taylor's Exercises

Over 293 unique exercises you can do in your garage or gym.

294 Wrestler specific Exercises

Yes it has normal exercises, too. But there are a few you have not done and combinations I love. The way the program progressively combines these exercises is where the magic happens.
David Taylor prepared for Olympics with olympic wrestling exercises from this program